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Generation Games in Budapest


The Generation Games are already very popular abroad, as they are much more than just a family day with a sports show. From the young to the elderly, from friends to family, anyone can move and relax together in the fresh air, so unless the pandemic situation develops otherwise, it will be worth visiting the Margaret Island Athletic Center as a spectator or participant on 13 June.

This is the first time the event takes place in Budapest, but the organisers want to establish the Generation Games philosophy by creating a tradition. In addition to showcasing emerging sports in a beautiful setting, they create an opportunity for various generations to play sports together.

Date and place:  13 June, 2021, 10: 00-17: 00, Margaret Island Athletics Center

The event will feature air badminton, korfball, laser run, pétanque, ultimate frisbee and qatch, with representatives from these sports giving a demonstration and then handing over the floor to the visitors.

In view of the pandemic situation, individually registered visitors will be able to try out modified versions of the six sports in full compliance with the distancing recommendations. Registered teams that experience all six sports in practice will receive a Generation Games medal. Games will be moderated and facilitated by experts on each track.

Register for the event here.

Attila Heim, Head of Qatch:

“It is an honor for qatch to be invited to this attractive event for all generations as a new sporting activity. Generation Games has already conquered the world, and is now making its debut here, so air badminton, laser run, korfball, pétanque, ultimate frisbee, and qatch can be present as founding sports. The venue and the program ensure that everyone from grandparent to grandchild will find the sport that suits them best, and in the fresh air, it is safe to play these sports even in the current situation. Come, play, have fun, regardless of age, gender or sporting background.”

Sporting events

11:00-11:20 Qatch - A 3 vs 3 match with the participation of the world qatch champion and the Hungarian beach handball champion teams.

12:00-12:20 Pétanque - A 2 vs 2 match with the members of the Hungarian pétanque national team.

13:00-13:20 Laser Run

14:00-14:20 Ultimate frisbee – A 3 vs 3 match with the members of the Hungarian U20 mixed national team.

15:00-15:20 Korfball - The members of the Hungarian senior national team showcase technical elements and play a demonstration match.

16:00-16:20 Airbadminton – Hungarian adult and junior national team badminton players give a taste of the official competitions of Airbadminton: singles, doubles and triples.

16:30-16:45 Press conference with the main patrons and organisers of the event.

Hosted by Leila Gyenesei, world pentathlon champion.

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