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Qatch among Hungary's Most Outstanding Assets


As an independent initiative, Highlights of Hungary has been building Hungary's value-creating community since 2013. With the support of their trustees, year after year, they collect stories and achievements that stand out from the domestic environment. Their ten ambassadors include Noémi Háfra, player of the Hungarian national handball team, the István Bujtor Prize-winning actress, Franciska Törőcsik, and winner of multiple Fonogram and Petőfi Music Prizes, Dávid Marsalkó, the frontman of the band Halott Pénz. The candidates include various businesses, civil society and government organizations, as well as representatives of culture and sport.

In the challenging year of 2020, Hungary abundantly created values: the Highlights of Hungary initiative, operating for nearly a decade, once again presents the significant actors and successful initiatives of the creative sector, public life, culture, sports, environmental protection and innovation without classifying them into categories. Similarly to the previous years, a team of ten ambassadors selected the list of candidates.

The junior world champion Noémi Háfra's candidates for sports include qatch and handball players Anita Görbicz and Árpád Sterbik, but tennis player Márton Fucsovics and footballer Dominik Szoboszlai have also been put on the list by other ambassadors.

Attila Heim, Head of Qatch said: “It is a great honour to be nominated for the Highlights of Hungary award. It is a pleasure for us to owe all this to such an excellent handball player as junior world champion Noémi Háfra, who judged qatch to be equivalent to the performance of world-class athletes such as Anita Görbicz and Árpád Sterbik. What we are especially proud of is that this sports activity is a 100 per cent Hungarian innovation that can be played by anyone, regardless of gender, age or skill level.”

Candidates can be voted on from 4 February, 2021 on the Highlights of Hungary website.