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Qatch at the University of Physical Education


The second term of the 2020-2021 academic year, including qatch classes, began last week at the University of Physical Education in Budapest, Hungary.

This term, students who want to learn qatch can choose from among two forms of training at the University of Physical Education. In the part-time programme, freshmen and sophomore coaching students, while in the full-time course, first-year coaching students and first- and second-year students of sports and recreation management may familiarise themselves with the game.

Csaba Ökrös PhD, associate professor, department head and the person in charge of qatch, is of the opinion that students are facing a challenging term as it has started online.  “In compliance with the current government decree, similarly to all other subjects, qatch is taught online, but as soon as it becomes possible, practical education will become the top priority in any case. I think it is important that the students can learn practical subjects in practice as well as in theory, not to mention that most of the qatch skills can be learned while playing the game. ”