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Qatch Masters 2021 – Let’s get to know the teams


In this series you can find the introduction of the top 6 teams participating in the Qatch Masters 2021. Let’s meet Team Germany.

How do you feel about the Qatch Masters 2021?

We are very excited to have the opportunity of participating at the Qatch Masters 2021. We are very looking forward the tournament. It is a pleasure for us to represent our country in this great sport.

How is the preparation going? How do you prepare for the tournament?

Because of vacations and other duties, it was not possible to start the preparation, but we will start it in November with weekly practices in Münster and will focus on our tactics. Additionally, we try to analyse our last tournament to improve our game.

How would you introduce your team?

Four young and nice guys out of the most beautiful city of Germany. Or as we like to call it in German: “Jung, brutal, gutaussehend.” 😊

What do you think, what makes a team a good team?

Most important is the team spirit. You need to support each other in every second of the game as well as in hard and difficult situations. That is what good teams are about. Of course, the team also needs good players who have to be well prepared for the game, especially in the tactics.

What is the most important thing people should know about your team?

We are a very young team, and this will be our first international qatch event.

What is the funniest memory you had as a team?

Probably this memory is only funny for us but during the interview after the final at the Qatch Challenger Cup in Münster we have been asked by the interviewer “Why did you lose?” – this question was funny enough as we won the final. And then, our answer was the same what a German footballer answers to this question (this is quite famous in Germany). “Yes, you always ask yourself why you lose.” and then we burst out laughing.

If you could play in any handball club for a year, which one would it be and why?

For us it is difficult to specify one single club, but it would be an incredible experience to play in the German Handball Bundesliga, no matter which club.